Spring Hotel promotion

1. Traveler's Rating!
Traveler's reviews and photo reviews mark all the best places our customers have shared. You can also share your feedback at Trip Advisor, Face book and Google+

2, Instance Booking System
For example, you can register and pay now (even books up to 11 of the same category are limited to OTA sites) or you can also just "Submit a request" because you can Request more information on VISA or Travel information!
3. Because we guarantee BEST RATE is available.
If you can find a cheap price that can be booked elsewhere, then we will give you the same price and we will discount it with 15%. (Applicable if: Same room same day check-in) Cancellation policy within 24 hours of booking.

4. Special Special Online and Earlybird Savings!
We have 'Best Rate Guarantee' and we have special offers and special reservations to ensure that your booking with gives you the best value, anywhere. Our special update is regularly on our website so you can see your booking amount going up immediately!

5. Quickly service and respond to emails!
There is nothing more annoying than taking the time to fill out a request form, or Emailing a travel company and not getting feedback for days - and sometimes not! It's a big priority for us to get back to all our customers as quickly as possible.

6. No service fees!
No booking fees, unlike many OTA sites and high street agencies, we do not charge for the service. We provide the level of service that we would expect if we booked our tours. As tour operators we maintain a personal interest with all our clients and we pride ourselves on the loyalty that our customers have shown every year.

7. Because only with us you can choose the right room type and design room.
Compared to other bookings, we will give you the ability to choose your room type so that you will not feel inconvenient when you are a couple but must be in a double room as many OTA sites. not mentioned clearly

8. Flexible Cancellation Policy
We understand that unforeseen circumstances may cause you to cancel your stay with us at the last minute. Booking your room on the hotel website means that you can cancel free of charge up to 6 local time a day before your arrival!

9. We are the locals!
Unlike many travel operators involved in trips and holidays to Hanoi, we are really here in Hanoi Vietnam! All of our team members have deep knowledge of the area and can share their knowledge and experience with you. We are indigenous, would like to share with all visitors the beauty of our homeland! Contact us as soon as you come here and let us help you sort out unforeseen issues.

10. Unique journey!
Many trips on our site, and all our self-driving tours are unique. They have been carefully designed to ensure that your tour is proceeding smoothly. and are regularly updated to include new accommodation, attractions, and travel ideas that reflect customer feedback.

11. Vacation packages and destinations!
We are constantly expanding our holiday range to provide our customers with a wider choice of travel experiences in and around Hanoi.

12. We offer a wide range of deals!
Vacation Deals in North Vietnam! We have special deals on accommodation, food transactions and transactional transactions that take you to some of the most attractive websites. Whether you are planning a long vacation in Hanoi or just a short holiday, IIT Hotel ensures year-round offers that match your travel profile!

13. Because as a direct booker you will receive at least 10% discount from any tour
When you book a tour with us with our recommendation list or at the end of any one of your selections that are not on our list, we are sure that you will receive Less than 10% cheaper than the price you can find on the internet.

14. The peace of mind!
We do not handle large group bookings. Our small tour, up to 15 people, guarantees a personalized approach.